May’s Tap was a slightly different event to usual, as we held a themed night!

It was a recipe swap, so people brought along samples of their favourite dishes (yum!) and recipes, for Tappers to sample and try at home.

An amazing feast was recreated on the bar, with tasty pizza pinwheels and spinach and onion bhajis, delicious dips and a plethora of scrumptious cakes, biscuits and sweet treats!

I have copies of all the recipes now, plus some additional ones from people who couldn’t make it on the night, and we will pull them all together into an easy e-book for downloading (when we get 5 minutes!)…

Yum yum, pig’s bum!jayne cake

blooming busy!



So, this is my first post on the lovely spanking new website the clever CM Erin has created for us!

Bear with, as I am learning as I go….

I have been busy of late, trying to get some serious crafting done ahead of our next Bearwood Handmade on 22 June at St Mary’s Church Hall.  I’ve been happily cutting, stitching, knitting, crocheting, gluing, beading, papercutting, and taking photos, all for works-in-progress (or thoughts-in-progress at times!).

I’ll post some more in coming days about specific projects, but this one is purely about the felt dahlias that have become a permanent fixture on my stall.

As I posted some years back, I came across a tutorial on craft gossip website about how to create a felt dahlia, with a cute little pocket on the back for a message or photo for Mother’s Day.  Once I’d started making them, I got a bit addicted, and soon they were blooming all over my house in lovely shades – bright one season, pastel for Easter, glittery for Christmas!  Here’s some previous ones:

rocking and rolling and what noti love bearwood

Then I joined pinterest a couple of weeks back, and I came across a picture of these felt dahlias with different coloured rounds of petals – often in toning shades. Holy felted inspiration Batman! So here’s my first attempt, in shades of orange and lemon.

Stage 1 – cut out the 3 different sized squares (large in dark orange, medium in pale orange and small in lemon). Then trim these to look a little like the taj mahal (I did take a photo of this, but it seems to have disappeared from instagram…will send again and update this post if it comes through! here it is now! below this one!)

dahlias 1

dahlias too

Next, glue the bases and fold over to make the petal shape.  I usually peg each base with a mini wooden peg, but couldn’t find my stash, so improvised with impaling them on a pin!  This worked well for keeping the different sizes together (sometimes it’s difficult to tell which is large or medium when they’re the same colour!), but left a mini hole as this felt is less fluffy than others.  Dry overnight.


dahlias 2

Then I covered a plastic circle with yellow felt, front and back, and hot glue gunned the outer larger petals onto the edge.  I made more than I needed, as there’s nothing worse than being one short and having a spartan bloom!

dahlias 3 

Then the second round of petals goes on, slightly offset against the row above.

dahlias 4 

And then the central round of petals, finished off with a length of yellow felt cut with pinking shears and rolled up.  Pop a brooch back on the reverse (and I like to add a hair clip as well as I love a statement hair adornment – see next post!) and away you go!

dahlias 5

Blooming gorgeous!  I have started cutting out blue shades now, and have pulled together some pinks, greens and bright neons – maybe a nice monochrome going from black through grey to white..hmmmmm……