etsy craft party 2013

Thanks crafty muthas for letting me host an Etsy Craft Party at the Bearwood Tapestry. I thought this year’s craft party theme of “craft for the community” fitted right in with the ethos of the Bearwood Tap and that it would be a great opportunity to get started on a project to brighten up Bearwood.

So many people registered for the party and we were able to receive a bunch of supplies from Etsy. I was very excited when these arrived in the post!

etsy parcel

etsy note

etsy craft party supplies

I made some party goody bags that included a range of the supplies.

making goody bags

goody bags

I put the rest of the supplies in boxes and baskets so people could help themselves at the party.

craft party supplies

craft party supplies

crafty muthas quilt

Lots of people brought along knitting and crocheting and there were also a few other projects.

knitting needles


more yarn


Now just to get yarnbombing….

looking at yarnbombing

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  1. thanks for hosting such a lovely evening! and thank you, etsy, for the swag. brilliant! now, let’s get bombing. 🙂

  2. Finished knitting another piece for our guerilla woolfare project! Will drop with Emily tomorrow! x thanks again, fun evening

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