We’re going on a Bear Hunt…


So a few Saturdays ago we all came together and did some communal crafting! It was the culmination of sharing of ideas, inspiration, a box of nails and a bag full of neon wool!

There is a Bear Trail around Bearwood, where people can track down 30 decorated wooden bears between 17th and 31st May. The amazing We Are Bearwood folk successfully bid for some funding to enable this lovely initiative to happen, and they have asked various local groups and organisations to decorate them.

The Crafty Muthas took possession of our bear and shared ideas for a couple of weeks before alighting on our final plan.


An evening perusing various fonts and working through my wool stash later and Mr B was dispatched to buy a big box of copper nails from the local hardware store.

box of nails

We all gathered in Jennie’s kitchen with 6 hammers, a shed load of neon chunky wool and some ear defenders (just kidding, but we should’ve!).

paper nailing no words

First we worked nails in around the outside of each letter, then hammered nails around the edge. Next we started with the neon pink and outlined the letters and started taking it out to the edges and criss crossing to fill in the space between.

pink pink complete

Bright orange came next, and luminous yellow really brought the whole thing together.

pink yellow

The last thing to finish it off was to outline the letters and the outer edge of the bear in bright zingy green.  Doesn’t he look smart?!

final bear

The best part of it was the whole experience of doing something creative together (and no alcohol was even consumed!). It’s been so long and we’ve all been so busy with other things lately that it was such a buzz to get together and make such an amazing thing as a group. Total bonus that it looks so awesome too!

jen   as

Today we had the chance  to see it as part of the trail when all the bears went live and wild!

bum   side view


The bears were amazing, and I will post again about the trail as my phone battery died half way round! Thankfully Jen’s extra long arms were “on hand” to take a group selfie of some of us in front of our bear, which is situated in …. Nah – go find him! The trail is ace!



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