Ethical craft at the Crafty Pantry

We are so pleased our friend Sushan wanted a stall at the Crafty Pantry with his social enterprise, Rangoli Crafts. We have a lot of time for Sushan, a truly nice guy with the sort of ethical credentials we love! We think you’ll like him too:

Most often I work with small independent producers in India. Apart from being hand-made, suppliers and artisans work on a fair trade basis, which means that they work in a large ventilated room with reasonable working hours and breaks. Water is recycled which ensures that post manufacturing waste does not have an adverse effect in the surrounding villages and most important of all is that they are paid decent wages with a social security net. The great thing about a social venture is that it isn’t just about you. It is about a need or cause that is bigger than you.

See? We really hope people come and spend some time talking to Sushan and of course buying his products. Expect recycled notebooks/photo albums (from vegetable fibres), pen boxes, letter holders and multiple drawer ceramic boxes.

rangoli crafts
Colourful spice drawers from Rangoli Crafts


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