Bearwood Handmade November…meet Pinglemonster

Jinping aka Pinglemonster joined us in 2014 and was greatly missed last year so we’re really pleased she’s returning to November’s Bearwood Handmade with her adorable needle felting.


I have been doing needle felting since 2010. There are simple tools involved (needles and wool) but they are combined with my passion and patience. I am a freelance graphic designer, so I collect materials, sketch and use computer software to draw and inspire my needle felting creations. Soft woolly sculptures, toys, accessories etc. are very popular for all age groups, in particular children. The most satisfying thing about my needle felting is that whoever buys them are happy.


Expect to find Christmas themed needle felted toys, sculptures, home decoration, key rings, DIY felting kits and accessories and greeting cards.




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