Bearwood Handmade November…Meet Some More Makers

Time for another taster and chance to meet some of the fabulously talented local artists and makers who’ll be joining us at Bearwood Handmade next week.

Working Clasp

Jewellery and accessories designed, laser cut and assembled by hand. “I find inspiration for my work from a combination of drawing and found imagery and like to use sections of my drawings as a starting point. I am always working on new designs combining various materials such as veneers, vinyls and fabrics to create bespoke collage pieces.


Sweet Maya


Hand knitted/crochet tea cosies, mug cosies, coffee cosies, hot water bottle covers and device covers (iPad etc) and a good range of fingerless gloves, headbands, hats and scarves. “I love designing and hand knitting (or crochet) all my items in colours that I myself love. I’ve been knitting since I was a little girl and cherish the fact that I can make something that will last a long time and bring pleasure to other people in their homes.



The Eloise Bindery

Sketchbooks, journals, notebooks, folders, photo albums, guest books, decorations, greeting cards, gift tags and stickers. “I make hand bound books and stationery. I specialise in exposed spine bindings and I cut, fold, press, glue and sew everything by hand. The books are made using traditional techniques, complimented by colourful, contemporary designs. My stationery is formed from my own designs and photographs.


Hazel’s Handmade House


Bangles, bracelets, necklaces, chokers and rings made using sterling silver and where applicable, hallmarked. “I am a silversmith/jeweller and trained at the Birmingham School of Jewellery. I love everything about working with this beautiful metal and am always looking at new ways in which to use it.



Kate Fellows

Children’s dressing up items including tails, crowns and head dresses; Different styles of bags including drawstring pump/laundry bags, shopping bags, smaller children’s bags; Home decorations including printed plushie pillows, birdies, bunting, lavender bags. “I have always had a passion for re-using materials and a love of vintage fabrics particularly 1950s and 1960s. I create sewn pieces to wear, to use and to decorate the home. I have a six year old son who inspires my work, his love of dinosaurs and a dress up day at school led to a series of tails and head dresses that I have created for children using recycled fabrics, embellished with pom poms, felt and feathers.


Colin Payne


I work with clay and sculpt anything from dogs, stags, alien heads…all sorts. I also slump glass bottles to make dishes and alternative serving trays.” 


Bearwood Handmade November takes place between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 19th November at Bearwood Baptist Church Hall, Cnr Rawlings Rd and Bearwood Road, B66 4HA.

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