Bearwood Handmade November…More Makers to Meet

This post features artists, photographers, designers and makers and really shows the breadth of talent we’ll have at Bearwood Handmade on Saturday. So, we’re pleased to introduce…

Simon Lea


Photo prints, calendars and framed pictures by local photographer/artist Simon, inspired by nature, woodlands, beautiful scenery and light. 



Nature and its endless forms, patterns and textures inspire my felted work. Exploiting the properties of various wool fibres, often combined with silk, cotton and lace, I seek to explore their relationship with light through the processes of wet felting. My work focuses on felted products involving light and encompasses a range of shades, strung lights, felted votives and textural vessels.

Rosario Quevedo


I’m a printmaker and graphic designer from Santiago, Chile based in Birmingham. I discovered the woodcut at college and it became my passion. Last year I created my own workshop to enrich my technique.
My work is inspired by the nature, architecture and landscapes from Chile and England.



Illopetals is a Bearwood based collaborative duo who create freestyle illustrations, graphics & paintings. Leon (‘illo’) is the character designer who naturally draws imaginative and quirky characters with a quick, freestyle approach. Deborah (‘petals’) is a natural doodler and adds repeating patterns, detail and colour in a bold, playful way. Together their styles seamlessly fuse to create imaginative stories and abstract worlds.

Amanda Suckling


I love to crochet; blankets, hats, accessories, home decor… you name it. The only difference is they’re all a bit geeky! I can’t help it, it’s who I am!


Bearwood Handmade November takes place between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 19th November at Bearwood Baptist Church Hall, Cnr Rawlings Rd and Bearwood Road, B66 4HA.

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