Bearwood Handmade December…Meet Michael Slyzyk

Michael approached us at last year’s fair and told us about his hobby. He brought along some pieces to show us, wondering whether people might buy them –  we were blown away by his craftsmanship. He’s a first time stall holder and just starting out in the handmade world (no website or social media yet!) We’re pleased to be able to give him a chance to show off his beautiful hand carved products.


I make hand carved wooden spoons, using only traditional hand tools and methods. The majority of the spoons are finished with the knife which leaves evidence of the process and a finish that doesn’t need sanding, to create a pleasing surface texture. I began carving wood a few years ago when I noticed the texture and colours in the wood I was cutting and chopping for a log burner, it seemed such a waste and so I began rescuing some and so started a wider interest in types of wood and their respective uses. One beauty of it is that there is always something new to discover. There are other objects I make like loose linked wooden hearts from a single piece of wood and recently I began making bowls. The wood for spoons and bowls is food safe and finished with raw linseed (flaxseed) oil, and what I use is generally beech, birch, rowan (mountain ash), hazel, holly and cherry.”


Bearwood Handmade December takes place between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 3rd December at Bearwood Baptist Church Hall, Cnr Rawlings Rd and Bearwood Road, B66 4HA.




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